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Apr 3, 2019 | 0

Say hello to Terminal’s fresh new look

Today is a landmark day for Terminal as we launch a new website and get to introduce our new brand to the world.

Today is a landmark day for Terminal as we launch a new website and get to introduce our new brand to the world. This is a major milestone for us in our mission to push the world forward by bringing global opportunities to talent via touting the true power of remote teams.

We’ve come a long way since our early days when our co-founders Dylan Serota and Luke Finney came together to form Terminal based on their shared prior struggles in scaling businesses and getting access to the right talent — when they realized that this was a space crying for a completely new approach.

This is the original logo that they stood up at that time and that has served us well up until this point. If you look at the overall logo, it’s colors, and the glyph alongside our name — it was meant to be clear, be strong, and to highlight the connection between a company’s headquarters and it’s remote team coming together (take a look at the black and red portion of the logo for that metaphor).

Today we introduce our new logo. It’s not drastically different — because the values behind our original logo are still central to our mission. Moreso, we wanted to build from that foundation and showcase how our brand is evolving and expanding.

New Terminal logo

As we’ve built dozens and dozens of remote teams, opened more campus locations, and expanded our member community — we’ve found that beyond the original strength, clarity, and sense of connection that we stood for, the following tenants are also equally as core to our brand and areas of focus that we wanted to take into consideration in our brand’s evolution:

What we do is bold.

This isn’t something that is easy to do. We are taking a completely new approach to supply and demand imbalances for technical talent by creating bridges to access top talent remotely, and reducing any geographic barriers or sense of separation by facilitating community, collaboration, and connection.

What we do is personal.

From the perspective of companies that we build teams for: Hiring is one of the most critical things every business has to do to grow, and getting it right can be the difference between hitting your goals, or folding up shop along the way.

From the perspective of the engineers and technical talent that we are able to match with amazing opportunities at these companies: When you look back over how your time is spent, being at work and the job that you do takes a large proportion of time out of the days in your week. Making sure that job is something you enjoy being at, that challenges and develops you, and that is housed in a space that serves you and is filled with others that you can connect with is hugely important to your overall satisfaction.

What we do is fun.

We really enjoy what we do. Hearing from our clients and our members about how they’ve been able to achieve something that they didn’t think was possible without our help is what fuels our team. We wanted to celebrate this fact and fold this enjoyment and fun into our brand as well.