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Solving the tech talent shortage

December 7, 2020
Linzi Nield
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Ten months into today’s global pandemic and it’s clear that the heyday of centralized company headquarters is long gone. 

Instead, we’re witnessing a rapid normalization of globally distributed teams and new models for multi-market team growth that were previously thought impossible for smaller organizations. 

While distributed teams require more time from leadership to cultivate team culture and to foster spontaneous exchange of ideas (the heart of innovation), we can all agree that the “work from anywhere” trend holds huge long-term payoffs for both employees and companies. 

That’s why I’m excited to join Terminal as its CMO at this extraordinary moment – when the unprecedented globalization of talent has the real potential to solve the massive tech talent shortage in the US.

Preparing fast-growth companies for more than a remote work fad

While some organizations quickly embraced fully remote workforces earlier this year, many are finding that building globally distributed teams is a hairy challenge. 

From identifying which global markets to hire in first, to unpacking the geopolitical and legal considerations of foreign markets, most companies are not equipped with the needed expertise to answer these crucial questions early on to avoid future headaches. Terminal helps its customers in these areas by assessing market fit, finding incredible talent, and a whole lot more. 

By owning the end-to-end remote employee experience from hiring to onboarding to remote teams integration, Terminal solves the most pervasive productivity challenges companies face when expanding into global remote teams (like unexpectedly encountering one of the many hidden costs of going remote). Terminal demystifies this entire process and accelerates the timeline of setting up high-performing engineering teams to a matter of months, compared with a DIY approach that can take years.

It’s not surprising that rapidly-scaling companies like Gusto, Armory and Him & Hers partner with Terminal to grow remote engineering teams across seven different geographies.

Going further together: Aligning two purposes

Having previously built tech talent and gaming marketplaces at both startups and larger tech companies, I enjoy the unique challenges of balancing the supply and demand sides of marketing and the possibility of bringing an emerging business model forward into the world. 

While several companies have developed short term “hacks” to address the tech talent shortage in Silicon Valley and in the US, Terminal differentiates itself by solving the shortage while also protecting the interests of the talented engineers in the market. It brings rich employment opportunities to developers across LATAM and Canada by offering access to full-time roles at innovative tech firms.

Even during the extraordinary circumstances of COVID, Terminal has expanded into Colombia (with another new market being announced soon), which speaks volumes about the leadership team’s effectiveness and the company’s resiliency. I consider myself lucky to join this very capable team of leaders that is backed by top VCs such as Atomic, 8VC, Lightspeed, Craft Ventures and Kleiner Perkins.

Most importantly, it is my belief in Terminal’s purpose, “To push the world forward by bringing global opportunities to talent,” that makes me excited to share that I’m joining this team.

Onwards and upwards together, 
-Tejal Parekh

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