Apr 2, 2020 | 4 min read

Tech takes on COVID

Join us in innovating new solutions and building bridges among communities to fight COVID-19. We’re in this together.

We’re at an unprecedented time – the COVID-19 pandemic is upending economies, industries, health care systems, families, livelihoods, and overall mental health. While the economic impact will be felt for years, if not decades, the personal toll may be even worse. 

Throughout this sudden crisis, technology has played a critical role for all of us to stay informed and connected – easing the ripple effects of the pandemic on our lives. And looking ahead, technology created by today’s innovators will continue to play a leading role in this crisis, not only fighting the spread and treatment of COVID-19 but also ushering in a new way of life in its wake. It may seem daunting today, but we will innovate our way to economic stability and growth. And while the path to recovery will take twists and turns, we can shorten it by finding ways to come together and using our unique strengths to support our local and global communities.

Terminal’s strength is matching innovative companies with top engineering talent by removing geography as a barrier and optimizing remote work. It’s our mission to accelerate real solutions by empowering companies to innovate and engineers to do their best work.

Just a sample of the companies we are proudly enabling today and their impact during this time:

Bringing communities closer together and supporting local businesses

Easing the transition to remote collaboration

Providing telemedicine solutions to address non-emergency conditions without increasing risk to exposure

It is our goal to help more companies provide critical and innovative services during this time and we’re ready, willing, and able to help in a few ways:

  • For innovative tech companies. From businesses on the front lines of fighting COVID-19 to companies making life a little easier at this challenging time, Terminal will offer discounted services to help you scale your technology teams. If you’re seeing a sudden increase in the use of your product, such as companies in the EdTech or Health & Wellness space, and your ability to scale is limited by your current overworked engineering team, we are here to help. Email us at stdin@terminal.io and together we’ll ensure that access to the right talent doesn’t prevent you from making an impact.

  • For our greater community of engineers, we’re hosting a #TechTakesOnCOVID hackathon to work on apps that make a positive impact on any number of pain points that COVID has caused. Themes for apps include health and wellness, families and communities, learning and education, transportation, personal finances and more. Form your team – bring your friends or you can choose to be paired up with someone. There’s no wrong way. The winning teams will be able to designate charities to help Terminal distribute $8500 for causes related to COVID-19, including a donation to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for every team that registers to participate.

  • For anyone who wants to learn Remote Work best practices from an expert and have your questions answered, we’re launching an AMA series, starting today, Thursday 4/2 at 12:30 PT / 3:30 ET, featuring Darren Murph of GitLab. Learn more or register here.  (PS – we’ll be sharing the recording as well as a recap if you’re not able to make this event).

  • For anyone looking for guidance on mental health and well-being, we’re hosting a special edition Terminal Tech Talk on April 30th on the topic of Mental Wellness in the Age of Social Distancing. This event will be fully livestreamed and feature a panel of mental wellness advocates – register here

Join us in innovating new solutions and building bridges among communities to fight COVID-19. We’re in this together.

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