Happy Day of the Programmer! 

Today Terminal wants to offer their warmest Thank You to all of our talented Members across all international offices, as well as the developer community at large. We are lucky to have such a well-rounded and diverse group of programmers in our community. Over the past few years, we’ve seen what started off as a 4-person office, evolve into 5 offices across 3 time zones in 2 countries. Our growth is a testament to the incredible energy that our developers bring, creating a welcoming and inviting environment for all. 

Behind every great company is a strong engineering team, and behind every strong eng team are quality people. You help build the world we live in, bring ideas to life, and make the impossible possible. Thank you!

Here is a bit of insight into some of the programmers that we’re proud to call Terminal Members.

Justen Pinto, Toronto

“I joined AspireIQ as a backend engineer but was keen to learn front end technologies in order to round out my skill set. Since joining AspireIQ, I have been given the opportunity to learn a lot about React and Javascript.”

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Samantha Campbell, Kichener-Waterloo

“When you create a company from the ground up, you put all focus on making things work to create an MVP (minimum viable product) to prove your idea before you put resources into building out a full solution. Bungalow had just passed that stage when I joined and had started on building the second iteration of their platform plus creating the first version of a mobile app. It’s an exciting time because you are trying to build something robust that will scale and be extendable with a lot of business logic. It required every single team member to pull off. It’s pretty fun to be there when the “switch” gets pulled.”

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Jonathan Ducharme, Montreal

“Right before I started with Hims, I worked at a larger company … I felt like just a number there. There was a lot of red tape, too. I know that may not be the case for every large tech company, but it’s not the kind of environment for me. …If you want to train to be an executive someday, I think the best way to learn how to do that is to be close to those decision makers. At every level, you have to manage chaos. So why not put yourself in a position where you have to manage some of that chaos yourself and work right next to the executives that are having to do that on a whole new level?”

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