Emerging as one of the world’s most promising fintech and e-commerce hubs, Chile is packed with globally ranked universities, breeding best-in-class talent that’s quickly getting the attention of innovative tech firms.

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Leverage the deep expertise of Chile’s growing tech talent

Senior level talent

An ecosystem of high quality tech talent and senior engineers with a median of 11 years of experience.

Trained by prestigious universities

Home to globally ranked universities like Pontifical Catholic University and University of Chile.

Faster hiring

With 27 candidates per open role, Chile offers 2X lower competition for top talent than US tech hubs.


Terminal x Chile. Now open for business.

Expanding our LATAM footprint, Chile is the newest addition to Terminal’s roster of global hiring hubs. Chile’s talent pool is rich with a high-density of candidates who hold cutting edge engineering skills and experience from leading tech firms like IBM and Oracle, which means your company can build high quality teams, fast.

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The freedom of working fully remote

Our Chilean teams are 100% remote. This comes with big advantages, for both developers and companies.

The world is your office

We bring world-class opportunities to world-class talent, no matter where they are. Career potential isn’t limited by location, and convenience isn’t confined to an office.

The ultimate comfort zone

We provide stipends so that employees can level up their home offices. And to create more comfortable scheduling, we promote strong time zone alignment between employers and teams.

Remote, but not alone

We offer a robust suite of resources designed to support our engineers — from frequent Tech Talks and virtual education courses, to community boards connecting engineers all over the world.

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