Montréal, QC


Long-known as the cultural gem of Canada, this French-Canadian city is now making a name for itself with its strong tech ecosystem and major AI talent.

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Say “bonjour” to the foremost home to AI in Canada

Commitment to tech

Home of Canada’s largest research centers, Montréal boasts over 120,000 tech jobs and is leading the way in AI, business and tech

Talent bursting at the seams

There are 30 applicants for every engineering job – making the talent pool in Montréal as deep + diverse as its cultural background

Genius in residence

Dr. Yoshua Bengio — 2019 Nobel Prize of Computing recipient, AI legend and one of the founders of Deep Learning — calls Montréal home

Your next big opportunity awaits

Our Montréal companies are doing big things – from helping students and recent grads land new jobs to bringing the convenience of online ordering to real world retail.

Hims is a one-stop shop for men"s wellness and personal care, providing medical grade solutions for men"s hair loss, ED, skin care, and more. Their sister line, Hers takes on women"s health and personal care providing medical grade solutions for skin care, birth control, and sexual health.

WayUp is the #1 way to hire the right students and recent grads. We are the leading digital solution for employers to reach, engage, and recruit students and recent grads for internships and jobs.

Stockwell is combining the convenience of online ordering with the instant gratification of real world retail.

Aurora makes the software that is enabling society to transition to a world powered by solar power. We want every solar installation in the world to pass through our software, which has already been used to design millions of solar projects. We are a venture-backed SaaS company that is poised for rapid growth having just raised a large Series A.

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The freedom of working fully remote

Our Montreal teams are 100% remote. This comes with big advantages, for both developers and companies.

The world is your office

We bring world-class opportunities to world-class talent, no matter where they are. Career potential isn’t limited by location, and convenience isn’t confined to an office.

The ultimate comfort zone

We provide stipends so that employees can level up their home offices. And to create more comfortable scheduling, we promote strong time zone alignment between employers and teams.

Remote, but not alone

We offer a robust suite of resources designed to support our engineers — from frequent Tech Talks and virtual education courses, to community boards connecting engineers all over the world.

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