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Member spotlight | October 3, 2019

Bernabe Felix

Senior Frontend Engineer, Crew

Bernabe is the first Crew hire in Guadalajara as well as Terminal’s first member in Mexico; the newest addition to Terminal’s ever growing global ecosystem.

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About Crew

Crew gives companies and frontline employees a new way to communicate, stay engaged and be more successful. In 2018, Crew secured their Series C funding of $35M and has been rapidly growing and looking for the best global talent to join their team.

Mexico was a perfect place to find experienced and talented engineers like Bernabe Felix whom we had the chance to talk with this month.

Terminal: Tell us about your career so far, and walk us through your journey to joining Crew.

I moved to Guadalajara about 4.5 years ago from a small city. I began my first job working in a small company doing a variety of tasks including database migrations, Java development and marketing. After that, I moved over to a well known Mexican bank working as a full stack developer. Later, I became a junior full stack developer and eventually the interim CTO at a local start-up that sadly ran out of financial runway. Next, I worked for a couple of years at a development shop. I gained a lot of great experience and worked my way up to being a technical lead and the interim CTO, but, as my personal and professional growth slowed I became excited to once again jump back into the startup world. I love facing tough real world challenges with exciting solutions while working alongside a smart and talented team which is what brought me to Crew.

Terminal: What is one thing you think the Crew team does really well and drew you to working with them?

The company is highly transparent and easy-going. During the interview process all of my questions were answered and the team was very helpful. It has by far been the best interview process I’ve had to date.

Terminal: What’s a win you’ve celebrated recently (work related or otherwise) that we can share with the community and can you explain it?

I originally dropped out of college but recently went back and graduated with my degree in January 2019.

Terminal: Crew is relatively new to the Terminal ecosystem. How is it being the first member for Crew and the first Terminal member in Guadalajara? What are the challenges and successes?

The Crew team is very helpful at answering all of my questions and providing a detailed scope of work which leads to increased efficiency. As a company, we are still figuring out best practices for working remotely, but Terminal helps provide the expertise and technical infrastructure to help our whole team stay connected and succeed.

Working at Terminal has been really exciting and invigorating. Week over week, I get to watch the Guadalajara team grow. As a result of our rapid growth we recently moved to a bigger office. It’s motivating to witness and be part of the Terminal growth process.

Terminal: What’s it like to work in the Guadalajara Terminal Space and what makes it different from other places you have worked in?

What makes Terminal stand out is that everyone in the company makes our wellbeing and happiness a priority. I feel valued and connected to the community.

Terminal: Why did you choose a startup? What about it do you enjoy?

I love being part of a fast-paced environment and the energy that comes along with working for a start-up. You have to be at the top of your game to succeed as there are always new and exciting technical challenges. I get to work with incredibly smart people and see the entire lifecycle and evolution of a product. This is very different from the work I previously did consulting; when I passed off projects I never knew what happened when solutions were implemented and/or products went to market.

Terminal: What do you like to do when you aren’t at work?

I like to go out on my bicycle or motorcycle, read a book, spend time with my girlfriend or just do absolutely nothing.

Terminal: What’s one thing you can’t do but really wish you could?

Have days last longer. There’s too much to do and too little time.

Terminal: Hypothetically, if you couldn’t work in tech and money weren’t an object, what’s another business you would launch?

Provide cheap or free medicine to the people of Mexico. In Mexico, many people die simply because they either don’t have enough money to pay for medicine or it is not available. I’d love to be part of the solution to this problem.

Terminal: What is the show you last binge watched on Netflix and what drew you to it?

A Bill Gates documentary. I was personally curious to know how he allocates his time, expertise, and considerable financial resources to aiding our global community.

Terminal: Who would you most like to swap places with for a day and why?

An astronaut! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be in outer space.

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