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Remote teams engineered to fit your business. Access the Terminal suite of products to confidently hire and retain the elite talent you need for a remote-first world. Now hiring anywhere in Canada, Mexico, the US, and Colombia.


Hire great talent, anywhere with Terminal Talent

Increase your reach. Our in-depth market expertise and remote team methodology matched with our always-on recruiting and tech-enabled referral engine gives you the recipe you need to confidently build your remote team.

Terminal Talent Platform

Unlimited hires, no hidden fees.

$5k/month + 20% success fee per member

Backed by Terminal Guarantee

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Terminal Guarantee:

Zero risk to get started.

We’re confident in our ability to connect you with the right talent, but if for any reason your new hires do not work out within the first 90 days - we’ll find you a replacement and you pay nothing.

The Terminal Talent Platform includes:

Where to hire A market and talent map designed for the unique needs of your business

Who to hire Our localized sourcing and always-on recruiting teams work directly with you to recruit, vet, and hire

How to hire We’ve done this a lot and have designed the Terminal remote engineering hiring process, resulting in a 40% faster time to hire

We’ve got North America covered. Optimal time zone alignment (within 3 hours of your HQ) is proven to improve cohesion, connection and efficiency for remote teams. That’s why we build and retain engineering teams across Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

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Boost retention, engagement, and productivity with Terminal Remote Management Platform

Managing HR, payroll and immigration for a global team can be a logistics headache (at best) and a blocker to retaining elite talent (at worst). Our Remote Management Platform takes all of that off your plate and optimizes for the remote experience - resulting in 75% lower turnover rates than companies hiring at HQs in well-known US tech hubs.

Our Remote Management Platform comes in three different plans that can be mixed and matched to suit the unique needs of your remote team.

Remote Plus

What a PEO should be. Hire anywhere and fuel your remote team with a suite of supportive benefits

5% of employment costs plus set fee per member

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Remote Flex

Support a mix of work from at-home home and in-office collaboration for maximum retention and community benefits

Additional $850/month**

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Remote Hub

Customize your remote team setup for ultimate alignment with HQ

Additional $1,200/month**

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**in addition to Remote Plus costs

*pricing is per member – you may determine office availability and needs on a per-person basis

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Why our model is different

Recruiting is just the beginning of your remote employee’s journey – building successful remote teams takes a comprehensive remote-first approach to the entire employee experience. Terminal is the only 360° solution available that focuses on the full picture, bringing together top-tier recruitment, supportive community and remote expertise – all to optimize your company’s growth for the long-haul.


Terminal Talent Platform

Recruit anywhere across North America

Remote Management Platform

Boost retention with payroll, compliance, immigration, and HR services

Flexible workspace

Teams can connect in our Canadian and Mexican campuses

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Still got questions? Search our FAQ for what’s on your mind.

Are these employees on my payroll?

These full-time, dedicated engineers should be treated like any other full-time employee you’d hire at HQ. For Terminal to be able to issue benefits like healthcare and dental, as well as manage payroll and all of the other full-time benefits, we hire these individuals directly into the Terminal system and are the Employer of Record.

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