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Great talent is everywhere – in this new era of remote, you can unlock top talent in diverse markets across the globe. Get started with Teamfinder today to identify the right geographic markets for your team.


The value of market mapping

Matching your talent needs and goals with the right markets to hire is an imperative for successful remote recruiting. At Terminal, we call this practice market mapping.

Global talent markets are constantly evolving due to changing market forces, such as access to local degree programs.

For hiring managers and engineering leaders, it’s critical to understand these factors in addition to getting clear on desired talent criteria in order to maximize remote recruiting efforts.

Get started with Teamfinder_

After assessing thousands of data points in major engineering talent markets such as average salaries, cost of living, and size of talent pool, Terminal’s research team has created Teamfinder to help you identify the right geographic markets to tap for your hiring search.

Teamfinder will guide you through a set of questions and then generate a personalized list of recommended global talent markets and their tradeoffs.

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What’s next?

To leverage the full power of market mapping for your business, get in touch with a Terminal expert with deep market insights to help you find the best talent fit.

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