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Equity in Technology

February 25, 2021

Diverse experiences and backgrounds matter. A variety of diverse voices at work creates stronger teams and more opportunities to address different communities and their varying needs. When innovation and the creation of tech is more inclusive, the resulting technology is for the betterment of all. We are thrilled to bring these amazing executives to you as we discuss the importance of people, their experiences, and how that can drive innovation at work.

In this Terminal Tech Talk we chat with Nudge's co-founder and CTO, Dessy Daskalov, Technovation's founder and CEO, Tara Chklovski, and Wealthsimple's VP of Engineering, Dominique Simoneau-Ritchie about innovation taking many forms and using it as a tool to empower girls and women.

The hope with this panel is to show that being in tech is not a solo and cold activity that only involves writing code. Rather that it is a way to be social and learn more about people and build something they want and will use. Our panelists have all found a great way to make tech personal and create diverse teams that better reflect the world they are creating for.

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