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Pivoting your business and building team culture in today’s remote world

April 29, 2021

How do you build team culture in today’s remote world? Where should founders focus when pivoting their business? What is it like transitioning from an individual contributor to leading a team? In our next Terminal Tech Talk we explore these questions and more with Neshay Ahmed.

Neshay Ahmed grew up in Pakistan, studied in Canada and started her career in the USA. After completing her degree in computer science, she moved to San Francisco to work in gaming and manufacturing at Zynga and Tesla respectively. After leaving Tesla, she traveled around the world and fell in love with scuba diving and the underwater world.

Neshay eventually made it back to Toronto where she joined Nudge as a Server Team Lead before ultimately co-founding her own startup, Wavy, as CTO. Wavy helps teams build a remote company culture that's better than an in-person one. Neshay will also be sharing her perspective on different cultures, having a growth mindset, and how to balance work with all other parts of life.

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