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Front-End Developer

Get instant access to 100k seasoned tech professionals

Hire pre-vetted pros from Canada, Europe and Latin America with, on average, nearly a decade of experience specializing in a wide range of programming languages and skills.

Match with tech stack savants specializing in a wide range of programming languages and skills. Which roles are you struggling to fill?

Graphic representation of virtual engineering opportunities with Terminal

Build a world-class team from start to finish fast

  • Spend less time interviewing – provide feedback quickly and fast-track pre-screened candidates with Terminal’s Talent Hub.

  • Trust our guarantee – receive 5 qualified candidates per open role within 2 weeks of signing up as a client.

Businessman holding a pen and smiling in front of a laptop

Shift all risk and administrative work to Terminal

  • Tap into localized knowledge and benefits including admin, legal red tape and HR compliance, so your business can focus on what really matters.

  • Add new members seamlessly – your remote hires are fully onboarded by Terminal and ready to work.

Graphic representation of female engineer working remotely

Don’t risk big projects & deadlines. Get full-time support

  • Discover remote-ready rockstars that become true teammates – Our career-conscious candidates will be fully invested in your projects from day one.

  • Add geographic diversity without sacrificing productivity or collaboration – Time-zone-aligned hires will overlap with your local team, from 3 to 8 hours a day.

  • Make a hire that compliments your culture – Our rigorous vetting process ensures great, high English proficiency candidates, but ultimately you decide whom to hire.

Find the scale you need. Build your team today.
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