We are connectors.
We are builders.
We are Terminal.

We believe that opportunity exists everywhere and that in today’s global economy, the companies working on the most exciting products and the best talent to build and shape those products don’t always exist in the same area code. That’s why Terminal exists – we connect companies to the most talented markets and fast-track the building of remote technical teams.

…And we deeply care about making those companies and those teams successful. Whether you define success in any of the following ways listed below, we’re here to partner with you:

Companies that partner with Terminal can expect

  • Standing up a team 40% faster than if you tried on your own
  • Keeping your best talent around by improving your engineering retention rate to 95%+
  • Not missing product launch deadlines, driving efficient growth, and hitting your milestones

Tech Talent that partner with Terminal can expect

  • Working from where you want and not having to relocate for the best opportunities
  • Being surrounded by a community of technical folk from dozens of companies
  • Getting the perks and infrastructure of a larger company but working on the interesting problems of a startup

To deliver on that commitment to success – we don’t take the locations that we go to lightly. When building a Terminal campus, we consider several factors including the strength of the local community, the overall size and level of depth of technical skill sets, and our ability to construct a state-of-the-art experience to enable teams to do their best work and reduce any sense of geographical barriers.

We’re proud of our current Terminal campus communities – learn more about them below:

One of Canada’s largest tech hubs, Vancouver is the most diverse city in the country and offers a true laid-back west coast lifestyle.

Home to the best engineering program in the country and a budding startup scene, KW’s brilliant minds per capita is off the charts.

The fastest growing tech ecosystem in the world attracts entrepreneurs from all over with its charm and big-city amenities.

Montreal has always been the cultural gem of Canada, and now it’s making a name for itself as the world headquarters of AI.


Contact us today and we’ll explain how Terminal can create a complete remote engineering center for you.