Our story

Our goal is to push the world forward by bringing global opportunities to talent.

Prior to Terminal, our founders all shared a common struggle: an inability to find enough engineering talent to scale their businesses because demand for engineers far exceeded the supply of talent. They knew they had a market-level problem that required a macro solution. That’s when they conceived of Terminal—a way for forward-thinking tech companies to avoid the war for talent altogether by building remote teams of skilled engineers around the world. Today, propelled by the same mission, Terminal taps into engineering talent around the globe who want to do meaningful work at innovative companies.

Leadership team

We’re all about building strong teams, including our own.

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We’re proudly backed by these leading investors

Cherubic Ventures
Jerry Yang

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Be part of the team behind the remote team movement. We’re hiring across all areas.

Our campus locations

We build each Workspace to be a place that we are excited to be everyday - in the best parts of town and optimized for remote team collaboration so you can always feel connected.