Latin American tech talent is on the map

With famous unicorns like Colombia’s on-demand delivery Rappi and VC investments doubling from 2018 to 2019, numerous Latin American markets have claimed their spot on the map among some of the most attractive rising tech hubs worldwide.

LATAM’s booming tech scenes


Chile packs a triple punch, touting Start Up Chile—LATAM’s leading accelerator—the most stable and business friendly economy in the continent, and elite technical universities like Pontificia Universidad Católica, ranked #1 in LATAM.

Chile is Big Tech’s go-to market in South America for setting up shop. Tech talent in Chile averages 11 years of work experience--that’s 22% higher than the average for LATAM engineers.


Mexico’s tech powerhouse cities Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City, have made a name for the country as a tech talent leader. With 10+ top technical universities in the country, local engineering talent is highly-skilled.

Known as the Silicon Valley of Mexico, Guadalajara is an exciting tech hub with a strong startup market with solid VC investments. It’s also a faster flight to the Bay Area than from NYC.


In South America, Colombia has risen to become the 3rd largest and fastest growing tech talent hub, with a vibrant and startup savvy tech ecosystem.

Capital city Bogotá is one of the world's most affordable and high quality tech talent markets. Nearby Medellín is both remote-friendly and the country's fastest-growing tech hub.

time zone alignment matters

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What was appealing about hiring in Mexico and Canada is that the work culture is similar – there isn’t a lot you have to learn in order to work together. Communication isn’t a big challenge.

Andrew Backes Head of Engineering at Armory

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