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Him's key to success with Terminal.

Terminal is Hims' magic little pill for building engineering teams.

Hims has changed how millions of men approach their health


San Francisco


Capitalize on a significant market opportunity with limited technology and internal resources


Hims turned to Terminal to build multiple cohesive teams to tackle engineering, analytics, and customer service challenges

There is no way we could have managed the explosive growth over the past months if it wasn't for Terminal

Andrew Dudum, CEO and Founder of Hims

The engineering power behind hims: one of the fastest growing consumer companies ever

Hims is a pioneering San Francisco-based men's wellness company that combines convivial customer service and quality products to revolutionize how men ages 20-55 think about their health. Hims not only shines a spotlight on the sensitive topics that have plagued men for years such as ED and hair loss, but the company also introduced a revolutionary medical subscription process that provides a digital solution to in-person doctor visits. Since opening its digital doors in November of 2017, Hims has quickly become one of the largest men's health providers in the world.

Fulfillment to millions of customers isn't simple – it requires a healthy mix of systems and people to scale with the demand. In order to meet this need, Hims enlisted Terminal to build a team that could create and own its e-commerce backend. Hims also enlisted Terminal to own the operations side, taking care of all logistics so that the Hims team could stay focused on fueling their growth trajectory.

Terminal's immediate business impact

Before its official launch, the Hims team spent over 18 months to refine their product/market fit and develop their brand.

We knew we had an incredible market opportunity and a critical need for the technology and resources to achieve it

Melissa Baird, Chief Product and Operations Officer

Hims realized that to be able to capitalize on this market opportunity, they had to rapidly stand up a comprehensive e-commerce platform as well as the backend architecture necessary to tackle the myriad of data generated from the system.

To do all of this, it requires assembling a talented technical team and all of the surrounding day-to-day operational and cultural elements to make them successful. Like many companies at this early stage, Hims did not have all of the dedicated personnel or internal resources to hire this team, implement a productive work environment for them, and quickly integrate these new team members with the rest of the business. Moreover, they also couldn't risk a time to market delay by absorbing these responsibilities within their leadership ranks.

“Each member of our leadership team owns several essential projects," Baird said. "So if our VP of Technology or another team member has to set aside what they are doing to recruit, hire, and train new team members then we'd be months behind schedule. We needed a partner that could deliver and integrate a team so we could remain focused on execution and growth.”

Hims turned to Terminal for their unique approach to assembling teams and successful track record in addressing their specific areas of need. The two met mid-November 2017 to discuss the required skill sets and areas of focus for the first few members of this team. In less than six weeks from this kickoff, Hims had 3 new team members on board through Terminal. This momentum did not slow down; in a matter of a few months, Terminal had helped to expand this initial Hims team to more than 15 in total - spread across engineering, analytics, and customer experience.

Because the focus was quickly getting the right person in the right role, Terminal sourced and deployed the newly assembled teams across several of Terminal's Canadian offices located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Montreal, and Vancouver as well as its office in San Francisco. The span of this setup also increased the geographic and time zone coverage of the Hims technical team, extending the workday and boosting overall productivity. To proactively address the challenges of having a dispersed team, Terminal Culture Partners aligned with Hims to ensure their unique culture was infused into their remote team across all locations. Regardless of location,Terminal focused on everything necessary to successfully setup and support this new Hims team - from physical elements like office space and equipment to resources like HR, payroll, legal, personal development and culture.

Each of these individuals was fully integrated and executing Hims technical roadmap in less than 30 days after the initial skill set requirements were identified.

This incredibly fast time to value for Hims was made possible because of Terminal's integrated approach which focuses on the success of everyone involved - partnering closely with Hims and future team members on scoping, onboarding, culture, and ongoing support.

With Terminal, Hims was able to meet its time-to-market goals, keep team members focused on their core competencies, and scale with significant demand. According to Baird, the partnership is only just beginning. “To bring Hims to new heights, we know we are going to need more happy, invested team members – and we'll continue to look to Terminal to find and support them.”

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