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Two engineers from Spain and Poland

Europe boasts 2x more Silicon Valley caliber Engineers than the US

40% of the world’s top engineering universities reside in Europe resulting in a highly educated talent pool of 5.5 million engineers. Startups and enterprise organizations alike have taken notice and are tapping into this rich talent market to fill innovation needs.

Companies who partner with Terminal to source, hire and manage their full time global talent are able to hire 40% faster than going it alone at impressive savings of up to 25%

Terminal is trusted by some of the world’s most innovative companies to build phenomenal, full time Engineering teams. We focus on hitting the mark for our clients and ALSO on the satisfaction of Terminal-employed engineers. Our engineers are so satisfied that their average expected tenure is 3x longer than the industry average.

Easter Island statues, Chilean flag, female engineer


Poland has a robust talent pool of world-class engineers. This tech hotspot boasts both experienced developers and high gender diversity, making it a prime choice for growing your team.

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Spanish flag, female engineer


Spain is an upcoming tech hub and boasts high talent availability and affordability as its differentiators, making it a great location to scale a tech team.

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Terminal’s free cost calculator shows you the cost to hire an engineer in a country abroad vs hiring domestic or US so you can more effectively budget for your global team!

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