Terminal Tech Talks: The Engineering Decisions That Helped LinkedIn Surpass 400 Million Users

Vikram Ragnekar walks the Terminal community through the critical decisions, experiments, pitfalls, and hard-earned lessons from his 5+ years at LinkedIn where he contributed to one of the greatest success stories in the history of Silicon Valley.

Terminal Tech Talks: The Man Reinventing the Television

Alan Cannistraro walks a packed audience through his thoughts on the future of media, lessons learned at both Apple and Facebook, management techniques, and discusses why modern startup founders shouldn’t base their teams in Silicon Valley.

Liam Horne – The Man Who Started A Global Blockchain Movement

Liam discusses Ethereum Scaling, Layer 2, State Channels and more.

Mavericks and the Tech Empires of the Past, Present & Future with Larry Smith

University of Waterloo professor and Problem Lab founder Larry Smith speaks to entrepreneurship and the trends he’s seen in the tech industry over his 35+ year teaching career.


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