Seize the opportunities of this tech talent mecca

From immigration-friendly policies, to world-class technical universities, and record-high VC investments, Canada is a rising mecca for elite technology talent.

Canada’s rich tech scene

Canada touts best-in-class technology universities, lower operating costs, and attractive immigration policies. For good reason, US-based tech firms Uber, Shopify, Apple, and Hootsuite have all set up shop locally in recent years. Today, the country is officially on the map as a technology leader, and as a top attractive country for tech talent.

2019 set a new record for VC investments in Canada at $6.2 billion CAD.

Inside Canada’s key tech talent regions:

Vancouver, BC

A hotbed for Big Tech and VC-backed startups, Vancouver attracts sought after tech talent, and is known for having top tier frontend developers and UX designers with blue-chip pedigrees.

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Home to University of Kitchener-Waterloo, one of the world’s best tech schools, this city features many of Canada’s top startups (and the talent they employ).

Toronto, ON

The fourth-largest city in North America, Toronto is a cosmopolitan hub with elite talent, and the University of Toronto’s computer science program (ranked #8 internationally) produces some of the top tech professionals in the world.

Montréal, QC

Montréal has a unique talent pool of highly-experienced senior engineers with a strong knowledge of AI and machine learning, as well as highly-technical backend developers. Relative to other Canadian cities, this market is less competitive, and so more affordable.

time zone alignment matters
> time zone alignment matters

88% percent of engineers say time zone overlap is a leading factor of productivity

Vancouver = PST

Toronto, Kitchener Waterloo + Montréal = EST

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