Talent isn’t limited to one zip code

Your hiring strategy shouldn’t be either – Terminal hires top engineers for cutting-edge companies across Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Latin America, and the United States. We deliver the market expertise and flexible workspace you require to find and retain a powerhouse team for your product growth.

The future is remote. Get there faster.

Find the perfect fit.

Our experts have analyzed each market based on factors like the availability of specialized skillsets, the relative cost of living, and the quality of industry experience. We’ll work with you to find the best market match for your hiring needs.

Hire in multiple markets.

Different talent markets have different strengths. To better match your talent to your needs, we provide the tools and support that make it easy to find and grow successful teams – cutting down on piecemeal approaches that reduce team effectiveness.

Offer flexible perks.

Working remotely doesn’t have to mean working from home. In fact, employers can improve retention by providing team members access to the perks of an office. Terminal’s premium workspaces in major tech hubs give you the benefits and flexibility to keep your talent happy.

Scale your team with a multi-market hiring approach.

Terminal gives you access to talent in tech hubs across North America, including emerging markets in Mexico and Latin America, so you can find the talent you need with time zone alignment to boost your productivity. We hire remotely in any of these locations, so you have access to top-tier talent, no matter where that is. Complementing this, our Terminal campuses offer flexible, premium workspace for your team, located in five dynamic tech hubs worldwide.

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Hire premium engineering talent across Canada and Latin America

To bring fast-growing companies elite engineering talent, Terminal hires across Canada and Latin America, with premium campuses in select tech hubs and end-to-end recruiting and talent management services to deliver and retain top talent.

Flexible spaces. Flexible pricing.

Our shared workspaces are designed to meet team needs on a per-employee basis. Whether your team members prefer occasional office access or a full-time dedicated space, we have the pricing plan to accommodate.

Remote Plus

Ideal for employees who do not need workspace access. Only pay for our hiring and team support services.

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Remote Flex

Give your employees options. This plan provides 2 days of workspace use per week, with access to all collaborative areas.

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Remote Hub

Create a satellite HQ. Team members get 24/7 access to a dedicated workspace in one of our campuses, plus all the amenities.

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Simply tell us what you’re looking for in a team, and we’ll show you where to find it.

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How Bluescape scaled their engineering team across markets.

In 2018, Bluescape Software set out to build a remote development team. Terminal’s recruiting team quickly brought on a team of five in Vancouver, followed soon after with hiring in Kitchener-Waterloo. Leveraging Terminal’s strong community benefits and premium campuses, Bluescape was able to grow their team at rapid speeds. They now have more than 40 developers across three markets.

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