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Terminal Launches in Europe, Starting with Poland’s Robust Talent Pool

March 21, 2022
Linzi Nield
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We’re excited to announce the launch of Terminal’s services in Poland, our first European market.

At Terminal, we’ve steadily built out our recruiting footprint over the few years. We choose our remote talent markets – including Mexico, Canada, Chile, and Colombia – carefully in order to maximize access to elite engineers. Our expansion into Poland allows us to unlock a new pool of talent that can help high-growth companies innovate and scale.

Why Poland? A high level look

Poland is one of Europe’s most promising tech talent markets. The country is home to 166,000 software engineers and it came in third in HackerRank’s ranking of the world’s best developers, making it a natural choice for Terminal’s expansion into Europe. It also ranks 16th globally for English proficiency, allowing Polish and American engineers to easily collaborate. It also boasts one of the largest economies in all of Europe.

Engineering talent in Poland is highly experienced. Polish engineers have a median experience of 8.5 years, and over 10% of engineers in Poland have had experience working for top product companies. The country counts the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, and Google as top engineering employers, along with unicorns like Zendesk, Box, and Snowflake. With women making up 23% of engineering talent in Poland, the country has a gender-diverse talent pool on par with the United States and Terminal’s other talent markets.

A European expansion has long been in the works for Terminal. Europe is home to twice as many engineers as the United States, and with 40% of the world’s top engineering universities located in Europe, the continent is graduating new, highly skilled engineers every year.

Government efforts to support engineering talent

The Polish government is supporting local engineers in a number of exciting ways, and big things are brewing to keep innovation and tech investment strong.

In 2016, Poland established the largest public fund for start-ups in Central Europe, with 3.5 billion Polish złoty (PLN) from public funds and 3.5 billion Polish złoty from venture capital funds. These funds help to back startup accelerators like Startup Poland, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), Space3ac, and Startup Hub Poland, which have helped nurture the startup ecosystem in Poland to more than 3,000 startups.

Additionally, the Polish government fast tracks visas for immigrant engineers. In 2020, the government launched the Poland. Business Harbour program, a comprehensive package aimed to help IT professionals relocate seamlessly to Poland. Not only does it allow software engineers to fast-track the immigration process, it also allows startup founders to apply for financial support to cover initial business expenses.

Terminal’s expansion in Poland

After conducting extensive market research, we believe that Poland is the perfect entry point into Europe to allow Terminal to bring more star talent to our customers.

Terminal’s launch in Poland will be powered by local recruiting experts who have their fingers on the pulse of the Polish talent market. They’ll help our clients hire multi-market remote teams and work closely with Terminal customers to leverage talent specializations to help meet hiring needs.

Our goal is to connect fast-growth companies with the incredible local engineer talent, and in turn, also create new job opportunities for Polish engineers to propel their careers by working for companies that are solving fascinating challenges in the world.

Stay tuned for more to come, and be sure to register for our upcoming webinar with Raoul Tawadey, General Manager, Europe, for an in-depth look on our expansion to Poland.

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