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Terminal Talent Hub: A smarter way to manage end-to-end tech recruiting

April 1, 2021
Linzi Nield
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Engineering leaders know the benefits of hiring remote talent. But the road to a fully functioning remote team is long and fraught with obstacles. The time it takes to hire a team can take months or years, and what’s worse, hiring and managing can take a big bite out of existing resources, leaving everyone involved in the process stretched thin.

Terminal Talent Hub, with a 360-degree view of your recruiting process, tackles these challenges head-on – all to eliminate friction and increase transparency.

How it works

The Terminal Talent Hub is a one-stop portal to track recruiting efforts and manage remote teams. Get the most valuable and up-to-date information in one centralized place, enabling visibility across your organization and giving more control and fewer headaches to stakeholders.

  • Get a complete overview of prescreened elite candidates
    See the profile of each prescreened candidate — carefully selected by Terminal’s expert recruiters. View candidate profiles, including detailed recruiter notes and recorded video interviews – simply accept or reject, and provide valuable feedback to ensure the best possible fit moving forward.
  • Track hiring progress
    Stay on pace, and fill roles faster with a bird’s eye view of each open role. Get transparency into the full hiring process from submission, to interview, all the way to offer.
  • Manage your team members
    See a comprehensive repository of all your Terminal hires in one place. Easily access key benchmarks including PTO, holidays, compensation, and other essential HR tasks.

What the Terminal Talent Hub does for your team

Our new dashboard eliminates some common barriers to remote hiring.

  1. Stay on pace. When you have a clear snapshot of your candidate pipeline at any given moment, it’s simpler to track progress against hiring goals. Terminal Talent Hub makes the entire process more open and trackable, and as a result, much faster.
  2. Improve transparency. Get transparency into the full hiring process, and calibrate on key skills with a feedback loop that helps your team align on what you’re hiring for – so you can quickly avoid communication roadblocks. 
  3. Share a single source of truth. Different stakeholders involved in the hiring process will have a singular place where they can view potential candidates or track the interview process. This is an avenue to give feedback, understand progress, and provide a candidate with a smooth, consistent experience.

Try the Terminal Talent Hub

Are you ready to level up your remote hiring? Terminal gets your international team up and running fast, with minimal headaches and maximum transparency. Get more visibility and control over your remote hiring than ever before, allowing for better collaboration, higher quality candidates, and happier team members. 

Ready to see it in action? Contact us today.

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