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Global Engineering: Why tech leaders are hiring global talent, and how to do it right.

Are you struggling to close the hiring gap? Today, companies have access to a vast global pool of remote engineering talent. But while 70% of engineers are interested in remote jobs, 97% struggle with the interviewing process. Hear from Robin Lim, Senior Director of Engineering at Handshake, as he shares the strategies that helped him scale Handshake’s $3.5B business with remote engineering talent.

Robin Lim
Robin Lim
Senior Director of Engineering @ Handshake
Tejal Parekh
Tejal Parekh
Chief Marketing Officer @ Terminal

We also share exclusive data from Terminal’s survey of 1000+ engineers that reveals what developers really want from today’s market to help you win and retain world-class engineers.

You'll learn:

• Exclusive insights from Terminal’s survey of 1000+ developers on the top 3 things engineers look for in a remote role
• Key tactics to build a remote-specific recruitment playbook
• How to support a flexible remote or hybrid workplace — the right way
• Why tech’s most established players are tapping into global talent markets to scale fast (and how your business can, too)

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