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Our tech-enabled recruiting powerhouse will source, screen and deliver top talent customized to your needs.

  • World-class sourcing and recruiting teams deliver the top 1% of talent from Canada and Mexico. Our members have, on average, nearly a decade of experience in their fields.

  • Our always-on recruiting team uses a multi-channel approach to find candidates, including a tech-enabled referral platform for network effect.

  • Terminal’s hiring process is customized to each region, proven to close candidates 40% faster than other methods.

Introducing Terminal’s Talent Graph

Quickly identify and engage top engineers with our proprietary Talent Graph – available exclusively to Terminal customers. This AI-backed sourcing tool adds rocket-fuel to our always-on recruitment engine, tapping into the networks of members and matching top global talent with your open reqs. All to power your business growth.

Improve hiring velocity through personalized outreach that captures candidate attention and drives average response rates of 65%+.

Reduce vetting friction and time-to-fill – our model finds cream-of-the-crop candidates most recommended by peers in their field.

Boost employee performance and retention – Talent Graph hires have higher on-the-job satisfaction and longer tenure.

40% faster time-to-hire

Unlock top talent that is otherwise inaccessible

2x retention for Talent Graph hires

Learn more about the product journey behind our Talent Graph

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These people are some of the very best engineers. Terminal, acting as a facilitator, created the right environment to make this work. Over the past eight months, we’ve seen significant progress with the product, and believe the team’s contribution to that is immeasurable.

Rupen Chanda SVP, Engineering at Bluescape

Onboard + Launch

Hiring across borders comes with many legal and HR challenges – we’re here to handle the logistics so your HR teams aren’t burdened with more workload.

  • Terminal’s in-market HR partners are always available, managing the logistics of hiring from payroll and benefits to complexities like employee transfers and immigration.

  • Our HR process interfaces seamlessly with your HR org – we’re ready to support any questions or needs that come up as we hire and launch your team.

  • Your team will have a unique space to call their own – customized to fit your needs. With dedicated IT on the ground, we’re able to support any security initiatives you require.


Terminal team members boast higher than average eNPS and 75% lower monthly turnover than any US Tech Hub.

  • Our premium Terminal hubs in tech epicenters are specifically designed for remote engineering teams, with always-stocked kitchens, common areas for socializing, regular speakers and events.

  • Our Tech Talk series, hosted monthly, features internationally renowned tech leaders on topics like scaling product, emerging technologies, and personal development.

  • We have more than 300 members, so your engineers are plugged into a vibrant community of like-minded people – working together to solve problems, and share knowledge.


More than 80% of our customers have scaled beyond their first team member, with some building teams of 20 developers or more.

  • Our recruiting engine is there for your first hire and your 15th – delivering matches that match your needs.

  • Teams enjoy dedicated space that grow with them, taking into account needs like security, equipment and more.

  • Collaboration may get trickier as your team grows. From tools to workspace and education, we set up the best remote work experience possible.

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